Sustainably grown and traditionally produced mezcals.

Every bottle of Huxal supports the firefighters of Oaxaca, Mexico.




Huxal Mezcal builds on a fifty year sister city relation between Palo Alto, California and Oaxaca, Mexico. A focus is Oaxaca’s fire fighters who are under equipped, and benefit by emergency equipment donated by Palo Alto. Huxal Mezcal will contribute to the transportation of these vehicles.

Maestro Don Bernardo is a multi-generation maestro in the valleys near Miahuatlán, Oaxaca. Our Oaxacan producers work with the maestro to bring Huxal Mezcal to California. In California the Huxal team looks forward to introducing the mezcal, and sharing our passion for the mezcal’s flavor as well as the social benefits derived through this project.

In 2019 you will find Huxal Mezcal in select restaurants and markets. Please join our contact list to inform you of our release.

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